28 September 2010

Fashion Illustrations

I've been obsessed with fashion illustrations and illustrators lately and thought I'd point out some of my favorites.

Camila de Rosario

Masaki Mizuno

Alberto Seveso
Rebollo Manuel

Raphael Vicenzi

All photos linked to source.

26 September 2010

Edmund Dulac

One of the things that I most desire is a story book full of the artwork of Edmund Dulac. His illustrations are almost ethereal in their beauty, and hold a mystical quality.


Face to Face

Dreamer Spirit

An illustration from The Dreamer of Dreams

The Fairy of the Garden

23 September 2010

Z is for Zzzzzzz

 Readers, I need sleep. I still have not adjusted to going to having to wake up early for school, and have been falling asleep on my feet. It's been quite a while since I've posted, as school and other activities have kept me quite busy; however, I wanted to share with you this Sleeping beauty fashion editorial. Lucky girl, she can actually get her beauty sleep.
This next one is exactly how I feel in the morning:

Model Natalia Vodianova for Vogue Paris' April issue

15 September 2010

Y Is For Youth

   Disney movies were my favorite when I was young, especially those with Mickey Mouse. A few days ago I found my old Mickey ears and was reminded of this editorial from Elle Italy's October 2009 issue.

08 September 2010

X Is For ___

In math, I'm always told to find the value of "x," a placeholder that can be just about anything. X can just equal zero, or it can be infinite, like our universe. Setareh Mohtarez's designs remind me of the latter, having beautiful forms and patterns reminiscent of the infinity that is space.

01 September 2010

V Is For Vintage

  Recently, I've been going through the Closet, or the black hole that somehow keeps spitting out new things and devouring others, and have found a few vintage accessories that are going to be great for fall. Enjoy.
Ring my grandmother gave me

Purse my grandmother gave me
My great-grandmother's necklace
I really don't know where this pendant came from, but I've had it for quite a long time.