28 June 2010

H Is For Hanna

Fashion is art in walking form. Temporary art if you will, for one changes it everyday. One work or masterpiece is made up of many different pieces and elements that express an idea and a personality. The pieces that make up this idea must be truly special, and it takes a true genius to create them. Hanna Bernhard is one such genius. Her bold statement jewelry that emulates animals holds a certain character that make it almost lifelike. Her pieces are timeless, and add a whimsical touch to any masterpiece.

Images from: French-Bakelite

27 June 2010

G Is For Glamour

Glamour and fashion go hand in hand. When I think of glamour, I think of catwalks, models madeup and strutting, bright lights, and cameras flashing; however, in a book I read recently, glamour was what fairies used to make themselves beautiful, and, though illegal in the fairy world, if humans somehow got a hold of it, they could use it too...but only for a short time only. I began to wonder how amazing it would be if I could glamour myself to be enchantingly beautiful or glamour anything I want into existence. If I could glamour anything I wanted to have into my closet or makeup bag these would be this: Faux Fur Vest from H&M
Anna Sui Mini Rouge Karl Lagerfeld's gloves ( I wouldn't mind Karl as a stylist either)

Just About Any Piece of Jewelry by Hanna Bernhard

These Yellow Brocade Trousers from Furfur
By the way, her blog is great. I love her style.

Chanel Thigh High Boots

Any Piece of Enfants Perdus Jewelry (see earlier post)

Well, that's pretty much it. Hey, a girl can dream.

25 June 2010

F Is For Fur

I love furs (faux of course. I am an animal lover!), and often wish I could wear them all year,though unfortunately where I live more than half of the year is blistering hot; moreover, the weather combined with my budget (I am after all 15 and a job has still eluded me in these tight economic times) has prevented me from buying them, as most people don't wear them where I live. I have however gotten a nice fur coat from my grandmother that will definitely appear in later posts. Anyway, whether you go designer or thrift them, furs can add a fun and mystical (at least to me here in this ridiculously hot summer weather) look to any outfit. And if you cannot tell I am miserable in the heat of summer. It is over 100 degrees where I am, though it is perfect for swimming.

By the way, those last two pics are from one of my favorite editorials of all time (furs modeled by Dhani Harrison and Sasha Pivovarova) :)

Images from: http://www.fashionologie.com/Chanel-Fall-2010-All-Faux-Fur-Icebergs-7683741, sea of shoes, and http://styleexchange.wordpress.com/2008/08/04/sasha-pivovarova-and-dhani-harrison-for-fashion-rocks-2008/

24 June 2010

E is for Enchantment

Lost princesses. Beautiful Faeries. Magical Woods. Mythical Creatures. We've all imagined ourselves a part of this world at one time or another, maybe when we were young or while daydreaming in math class. I often have very vivid dreams at night, sometimes of fairytale magic and happenings (good and bad), that inspire my daily life: my music (i play piano), my art, or what I wear. Here are a few fairytale-inspired looks and photos.
mages from: http://www.tangerine-eater.com/2008/06/fairy-tale-fashion-shoot.html
and polyvore

23 June 2010

D is for Demode™

I love Fake Karl and his guide to life, and though I am writing this post, it is not giving just anyone permission to say this word. "Demode"....demode™ (there...that's much better) is Karl's catchphrase, and like Mr. T's "I pity the fool," it is for Karl's lips only. What exactly does it mean, you ask. Well, demode™ is used to describe things that Karl deems undesirable, and I am going to share with you some of my pet peeves.

You probably think that this is a weird thing to dislike, as they are so popular; however, I think it just gives people a reason to not wear pants.

Fake People
I don't have a picture for this one, and am not trying to put anyone down; however, I just wanted to say be yourself (i know it's cliched).

Overdone Plastic Surgery
The horror! Shield your eyes beloved reader's before Donatella's Medusa lips turn you into frogs!

Orange Fake Tans
I don't usually feature Oompa Loompas on this blog....oh wait, that's just Valentino.

If you are a Karl fan too, you can buy a Demode™ T-shirt from Karl's blog....just don't wear it with leggings.

22 June 2010

C Is For Comme des Garcons

I might just have to use her for the letter R because she is so awesome, but Comme des Garcons (which, by the way is french for "like the boys") designer Rei Kawakubo is a fashion genius, and her designs are fun and quirky. The line is known for its mixing of menswear with feminine pieces and prints (especially polka dots), and its pieces are whimsical, fun, and unique. The clothing has been described as "anti-fashion", some pieces appearing unfinished or oddly draped; however, its oddness is what makes it so appealing.

Spring 2010

Images from: http://www.style.com/fashionshows/complete/F2010RTW-CMMEGRNS http://www.style.com/fashionshows/review/S2010RTW-CMMEGRNS

20 June 2010

B is for Benjamin

This is kind of cheating because his name really begins with the letter A, but I decided to do this post on musician, actor, and fashion genius Andre Benjamin, a.k.a Andre 3000 and one of my fashion icons, whose new album is supposed to drop sometime later this year. Besides being a very talented and unique performer, Andre 3000 also has a very creative sense of fashion, having sported everything from blond wigs to pink fur pants. He has been dubbed the "best-dressed man alive" by some; moreover, his style perfectly reflects his personality (as one's always should) and is fun, quirky, and often unusual. And he looks great in a hat.

18 June 2010

A is for Art

We all had those alphabet picture books when we were young, the ones that taught us A is for apple and B is for ball. Well, I've decided to make my own mini-series of blog topics using that same idea. I'm starting with a somewhat broad topic, but I would love for you to comment and let me know your opinions on this.
When one thinks of art, the phrase "beauty is in the eye of the beholder" comes to mind. Earlier this year, I visited a few art galleries and cathedrals and had the chance to see a few "masterpieces." As I looked around me, I wondered, what exactly makes these paintings so great when compared to others. I compared Picasso's Guernica to Velasquez's Las Meninas. I compared the works of Dali to the works of El Greco. I began to wonder who exactly deemed these paintings great and others inferior. I realized that Velasquez had painted for royalty, as had El Greco; moreover, Picasso's and Dali's works were most popular with the rich and famous. In fact, Dali designed a custom apartment for the famous American actress Mae West. I am not discrediting the fact that it took years of work and a large amount of talent to create the paintings, sculptures, and other works that they did; however, I wondered if it was the rich that deemed them masterpieces. After all, Las Meninas, one of Velasquez's most famous pieces, was a portrait of the daughter of Spanish royalty and other members of their court.
Today we have professional art critics whose tastes and opinions on what is considered "true art" surprises me. Consider photographer Terry Richardson, who posted crude and sexist photos of himself and a model on his blog. This was deemed art and so very creative. How is this possibly art? This takes no talent on his part! Yes he is a high fashion photographer; however, I find this to be more playboy than vogue. Look up any of his pictures and they all look the same.
All right, enough ranting. The idea of what is beautiful has changed drastically as time has gone on. In the Renaissance, plumpness was considered beautiful, and still is in many countries; however, fashion now finds being thin and waif-like beautiful. My main point is that, if beauty is in the eye of the beholder, who is to say that art is art, for isn't art an expression of beauty and feeling?
Las Meninas

Terry Richardson's Photography


This was really supposed to be a blog about my musings (hint title), but I find it turning into one of just pictures. I started this blog to write, inspired by the most amazing English teacher on the face of the earth (sorry, hyperbole); however, I find myself taking the easy way out and just posting pictures and a quick comment. I realize that that is extremely unoriginal. I mean, how many blogs are just for fashion photos? 300? 1 million? (sorry, yet another hyperbole...or maybe not, because people are starting so many blogs everyday.) I will continue to post editorials and other fashion photos, but I will also post my opinions and thoughts on our culture and society as well.

17 June 2010

I Really Like...

...A dress that is beautiful yet unique. So here are a few unique dresses that would turn heads at any event: 3.1 Phillip Lim
Full Circle Carven
French Connection


Images from: ElleUk

16 June 2010

Tupac Shakur

just found out that today would have been his 39th birthday, so here is a bit of a memorial for an inspiring yet fallen soul.
I'm sorry, but I can't post any videos, so I'll give you the next best thing. If you click here you can listen to the song he dedicated to his mother, one of my favorites.

Editorial: Harper's Bazaar June/July 2010

Hello beautiful people,
I'm really beginning to dislike birthdays. I might forgoe them all together and become immortal like Karl Lagerfeld (if you don't know what I'm talking about begin reading this). Mine was today, if you hadn't already guessed. I'm hoping for a better one next year. Anyway, today while sitting in the dentist's office (see how boring today was for me?), I came across this editorial in Harper's Bazaar. I hope you enjoy it.

Model: Ginta Lapina