31 January 2011

Christian Dior Spring 2011 Couture

I've been keeping an eye on all of the couture shows lately. Most have been absolutely breathtaking, while some seem to be trying too hard. I must say though that Dior has truly captured the essence of timeless fashion and breathtaking style. I found the designs absolutely magic!

25 January 2011

I'm Alive (But my computer barely made it...)

My computer has been in and out of the shop with multiple problems, and after getting it completely wiped (I lost everything), it is working like a dream. So, one of the best things that has happened in spite of all this is my school dance. Excited that this was my first formal, I looked for something that was sophisticated, yet could tie in to the dance's circus theme, since my class planned it. What I found was a one shoulder creme dress with gold shoes to match. My friend, who stayed at my house the night of the dance wore a Marilyn Monroe inspired dress, which I absolutely loved! 


11 January 2011


I am very much alive, dear readers, though it has been a very long while since I last posted. The new year had been quite busy for me, and is becoming even busier, though i promise to post much more often. I havent much time at The moment, so this is just a quick post of some pictures that I wanted to share with you for the sole purpose that I found them beautiful, light, and ethereal in quality. Hope they inspire.

My hair often looks like this in the morning :)

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01 January 2011

Happy New Year!

New year, new me. I've always loved the feeling of being able to start off with a clean slate so that I can better myself in the new year. So, here are a few of my New Year's Resolutions.

1. Think beautiful thoughts.
 Negative thoughts weigh you down, and, after some self-examination, I realized that I can be quite negative. So, in this new year, I'm going to try very hard to lessen my amount of negative thoughts and increase the positive ones.

2. Work hard at what you love.
 I often get sidetracked  with school and other activities, which leads to me neglecting what I love to do the most, make music and making art. This year, I want to get more involved in my passion.

3. Be open to and work with all opportunities.
 I've had a lot of opportunities that I let slip by for fear of taking the risk, and my life could have been significantly bettered if I had taken those opportunities. This year, I am going to start taking those opportunities and moving forward in life. I want this year to be my best year yet.

4. Work to inspire.
 This year, I want to make make a significant difference in at least one person's life. I want my passion for my art, my persistence in all that I do, and letting my inner beauty shine through to actually touch someone. I want to be a good enough person to inspire someone to do good themselves.

These have been a few of my New Year's Resolutions, readers, but you can let me know some of your own or even just ask me a question about mine if the above weren't too clear or if you just want to know more.

Cheers to a new year,

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