27 October 2010

Halloween Inspiration 2.0

Not all of us dress up in costume for Halloween, but many of us still like to get in the spirit. Here are some gorgeous looks that are perfect for Halloween (for guys too):

25 October 2010

Halloween Inspiration 1

My dear readers, it has been a while, and I am truly sorry for this. Life has been extremely busy, but there is good news. Halloween is coming! So, I'm in need of costume ideas and have been scouring every magazine and website that I can find for inspiration. Here are the first few illustrations that I found by the very talented artist Achraf Amiri (all illustrations are from his blog):

11 October 2010

I Love Hats...

and think that they are absolute works of art. Here are a few that fulfill my idea of the perfect hat.

06 October 2010

Stunning, Just Stunning

gJust once in my life would I love to wear a Marchesa gown. The elegance, beauty, detail, and grace the line's gowns just exude are absolutely unreal. Some gowns may seem a bit to adventurous for some tastes, as each dress is almost like a work of architecture that must be balanced perfectly to look truly stunning.

01 October 2010