23 August 2011

Fall Staples

Fall and winter are the best seasons for fashion. The faux-furs, jackets, scarves, bags, and color pallets with their rusts, sepias, and nudes make me swoon with delight, and there are a few items that I cannot wait to wear and outfits I cannot wait to put into my closet.

Fall Staples: The Tailored Bag

Fall Staples: The Blazer

Flowers for Fall

all images from polyvore.com, and all sets are by me

22 August 2011

Model Monday: Thylane Lena-Rose Blondeau

For centuries, women have been striving to look youthful. From the arsenic powder-users of old to the obsessive moisturizers and botox-aficionados of today, we as women want to look young. Youth equals beauty. Culture revolves around it, countless agencies cater to it, and millions chase after it. If only Ponce de Leon had truly found the fountain of youth when he arrived in America.
   The fashion industry especially revolves around youth culture. High-paced, erratic, constantly changing, youth makes the fashion world go round. But, are we taking it too far, especially now that the new face of fashion seems to be a ten year old? Thylane Lena-Rose Blondeau has already graced the pages of Paris vogue, striking poses that seem a bit too old for her If you looks back on one of her many photo shoots (this girl's got quite an impressive resume for one so young!), you can find that most of the editorials she does seem quite mature.  Psychologically, this cannot be good for one so young. 

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14 August 2011

Trending: Nail Lacquer

Nails are going to be HUGE this fall with patterns created by new nail lacquers such as the O.P.I. Silver Crackle that came out earlier this year and the Nails Inc. Magnetic Attraction due out this October. What's really got me interested is the magnetic lacquer, which is infused with iron powder and creates a tie-dye affect when a magnet is run over it.
Nail Lacquer

I just ordered more of the Silver Shatter for fall, and can't wait for Magnetic Attraction. Tutorials and Pictures coming soon!

all images from Polyvore.com

13 August 2011

Controlled Rebellion

I love the menswear-inspired items for fall, especially oxfords and blazers, which add a bit of character. I styled this outfit based on a blazer I have quite like this one from Topshop.

Controlled Rebellion

images from Polyvore.com