19 July 2010

Part I: M Is For Music

Once again, I am splitting up a letter; however, I'm only doing so because I have a quick question for all of you who read this blog. Part II is going to be a fashion post.

Since I was two years old, singing along to my mom's CD's in the car, I have loved music and have wished to perform. So, I'm taking my own advice from my last post, though I am not able to audition for what I originally planned, I have found another audition, and wanted to know what you think of my voice. I would love to have as many comments on this as possible, and please be honest. I love constructive criticism. Thank you.

I've recorded myself singing a snippet of "Lettin Go!" by Janelle Monae, so please tell me what you think:


  1. Hey, I've stumbled across your blog and I want to give you some feedback. Being a singer myself, I have got to say you have a nice voice. Do you take voice lessons? Despite having a sweet voice, you have the same problem I had when I began singing. You're singing from your head and not your diaphragm, which makes the sound very light and it has no real power. For example, you could not sing that song 10 times louder. I hope this helped you with your singing!

  2. No, I don't take voice lessons, but I am looking for a teacher. Thanks for the feedback!