02 November 2011

Hair Raising

I heard the most unfortunate comment today from a beautiful biracial girl. Now, this girl has a gorgeous curly mane that she's been taming into submission with keratin treatments, and has berated her hair's natural texture for quite some time now. Today, I heard her remark "Ugh, I've got Black people hair today!" I swear I felt this blow me to my core. For someone who has been working for the past year to grow out my permed ends and embrace my natural texture, this really hurt. I started wondering "Why is Black hair so bad?" and "Should I stop trying?" Well, I've come to a conclusion, and that conclusion is no. Black, White, Asian, Middle Eastern, Indian, Native American, ALL hair is beautiful. I'm not bashing those that straighten or perm, as I think that how you want to wear your hair is your business; however, to bash your natural texture is something that I think is truly unfortunate. Especially to bash it using a racial remark so as to make that race's hair seem less beautiful is wrong. To all those out there who have struggled with this, your hair is beautiful! Everyone has beautiful hair and can have beautiful hair as long as you take care of it well. That's what makes a truly beautiful head of hair. If you treat your hair with love, it will love you back.

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