17 August 2010

Q Is For Quirky

I have never been able to describe my style in one word. I take inspiration from everywhere, from people, artwork, places. That's what I love about fashion, one may express oneself in so many different ways. One may dress in many different ways with many different accessories, from sleek and refined look to my style, quirky. By quirky, I don't exactly mean awkward, but odd and unique. I don't know what it is about quirky fashion that draws me in. I think its the originality, the essence of that person made visible. I said in an earlier post that fashion is art, and an outfit temporary art. What I wear is very much influenced by my mood and my recent music interests or a book that I read. As of late, I've been mostly fantasy books (and I often dream of mythical creatures), and find myself going for a more ethereal look. Gauzy and flowing tops, long skirts, feathered hats, and small embellished purses have been my main favorites. I've fallen in love with fairytale-like fashion (though, much to my disappointment, I cant go out in ballgowns everyday), and I hope that you will too.
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Alexander Mcqueen (may he rest in peace) Fall 2010
Images from: http://www.style.com/fashionshows/fullscreen/F2010RTW-AMCQUEEN/


  1. Ahh i totally agree with you - my style changes everyday haha. I find it so interesting when one person can just stick with one type of outfit though, its nice to see someone able to be so grounded in something, but also refreshing when someones fashion sense changes constantly :) Anyway I love these pieces! McQueen was a genius...

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  3. great pieces!!!


  4. amazing pictures^^
    Love the fashion of Alexander McQueen.

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