21 August 2010

R Is For Reunion

Yes readers, I know that I skipped the letter R; however, that was only because I was having trouble getting my camera working (it's quite finicky), and didn't want you to have to wait for another post for very long. So, I decided to go ahead and move on to the letter S and postpone R. But now, I am going to tell you a story of a girl and a jacket.
    Once upon a time, last summer, a certain fashion blogger (though she did not know she would become one yet) walked into a boutique in search of a piece, a piece that she could use to create the art that is fashion.After a while of browsing around, she saw the most amazing navy blue jacket with ruffles all along the front and on the sleeves. Many, many possible outfits flashed through her mind; however, when she looked at the price tag, her heart nearly stopped. This jacket was way to far out of her price range, and she would be forced to leave it (but not before trying it on). She parted, vowing to return to see if the jacket's price would lower maybe a little, but she was too late. In these hard economic times, the boutique could not stay open, and was forced to close its doors forever. From time to time she thought about the jacket, wondered if anyone bought it and where it could be. She thought about its smooth texture and the outfits she had envisioned. One day, a few months ago, the fashion blogger's mother took her to a resale shop a few miles from their home. The girl tried on and paraded around in many different vintage items, but then, what did she see? It was her beloved jacket! And for only $16, she could not believe her luck. The girl bought the jacket with glee, but unfortunately, it is extremely hot where the girl lives, and she must wait at least a few more months to wear her beloved jacket, but she wants to share with her readers just how wonderful her jacket is.

Sorry, but my my camera has been acting up lately and takes somewhat blurry pictures.

Unfortunately, it's much too warm here to wear my jacket just yet, but I couldn't resist showing you! I can't wait for colder weather.



  1. Even though its warm i can see why u gave us a sneak preview, love it. x

  2. Really like the ruffles. It's definitely a great fall staple.

  3. woww love the details on your jacket!


  4. Love it, can't wait for fall so I can wear jackets!

  5. i love the ruffled jacket. like a modern-day victorian tux.!!

  6. love the jacket!

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  7. great jacket! :) The details are amazing.

    Jennifer & Sherry