05 December 2010

Project Runway: An Amalgamation of Sorts

It's been a while since I've posted, so this post is going to be somewhat long since I've been getting material for a while. I realize that I haven't really said anything about recent fashion shows (besides Alexander McQueen may he rest in peace), so I'm going to show you some of my favorite looks.
P.S. Comment if you would like for me to do an outfit post, as I haven't posted one in quite a while.

Erdem Resort 2010
The cut of the dress and the pattern are adorably retro :)

Those last two are from Miu Miu's Spring 2011 collection. For the dress in the first picture, I would suggest different styling. I'd make the bob a little more streamlined and modern to offset the dress' vintage cut. For the dress in the second picture, I wouldn't really do anything different. Keep up the good work Miuccia :)
I really like these light colors for spring. Quite romantic.
Michael Kors' pre-fall nautical niceties :) I love his color choices
Those last two are from Temperley London's pre-fall collection, inspired by Spanish matadors.
Rag & Bone's pre-fall looks are definately some of my favorites
Celine's spring 2011 runway featured many, many jumpsuits, a very easy and great look for spring.

All images from : http://style.com/


  1. When you say an "outfit post" do you mean one in which you are showing an outfit that you've put together (a la lookbook.nu?)

    I was curious, not that it matters, I love your blog, so just put up more of whatever you like. :-)

  2. Outfit posts are my favorite, you should make one :)
    Following you now.

  3. By outfit post I mean me modeling something from my closet :)

  4. Yes, I really like those outfits posts. But, well, we can all understand if you are lazy (a week I said to some person I'd make and outfit post... thanks god it was by email, nobody knows)