21 February 2011


Alright, so I've been extremely busy lately. Teachers seem to be piling on as much work as possible before I leave for break, and I've been traveling every weekend! Not to mention a little misadventure I had with my hair. I already said in an earlier post that I am have quite a few ethnic backgrounds, so my hair isn't exactly very straight. I woke up late the morning of an important ceremony that I had to take part in, so I had no time to straighten my hair. The girls at my school, which isn't very racially diverse, were frankly, very amazed with my hair, and began playing with it. I thought it was hilarious, as I got to stand up in front of my entire high school, plus teachers and parents, with a semi-afro. But let's get back on track.
     Spring is finally approaching! I can't be happier. I'm quite the warm weather girl, in love with sunshine and all the activities that come with it. I may have said this before, but my style is inspired by my mood, music, and the books that I read. I've been reading The Vampire Lestat by Anne Rice (never was one for twilight, the characters were much too flat and seemed barely there), and I've fallen in love with period inspired and refined styles. I've been looking for ways to incorporate this into my everyday styles (when I'm not in uniform that is), and I believe I have found it.
I know that I've featured other pieces from the Spring 2011 collection before, but what other line designs such gorgeous and timeless pieces than Alexander McQueen?

These are from Temperly London's Spring and Fall 2011 collections. 

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