27 February 2011

T-shirt Sale

Genocide: Darfur t-shirt in white, $25
I'm sure that most of you have heard of the violence and genocide in Darfur, but if you haven't, please do check it out. I will be selling t-shirts that I designed here on my blog. 75% of the proceeds will go to the Save Darfur organization, which has and is still making rather large contributions to help those who are suffering because of the violence. So, if you go on the right side of my blog, you will see "T-shirts for a Cause." Click on that and you will find an order form and the t-shirts to choose from. I'm just starting out, so for now there are only a few, but please buy them, spread the word, and help me to help Darfur. I'm still working out the kinks, so they aren't for sale yet. I will post when they do come on sale.

P.S. And in case you are wondering, the proceeds that don't go to Darfur will be used to buy supplies to make more t-shirts. More t-shirts for more causes will come, as well, so If you have any causes that you want me to specifically support, just tell me in a comment. Thanks :)

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