04 June 2010

Istanbul Fashion Week

Today was my last day of school (I survived my freshmen year of high school!), and I'm excited for summer to begin! My has time flown this year, I realized, as I was forced to say goodbye to many friends who are returning to their home countries. Tearful goodbyes and hugs were all around me as I walked from my school's closing ceremony, slightly scuffing my saddle oxfords (sorry mom). As I hugged a friend who was returning to Mexico and dodged an overzealous mom with a camera, I began to reminisce on the year, my friends, and the times we've had. I looked at everyone, so different on the outside, and realized how we were all brought together by the stress, joys, and crazy times that make up high school.
Busy with these last few days, I somehow managed to miss the first two days of Fashion Week in Istanbul, Turkey. I've posted a few interesting designs with the fashion brands listed below each picture. Enjoy.


I love the nautical theme that this jumpsuit displays. The makeup and the placement of the shells make the model and outfit seem like they truly came from the sea. The makeup around the eyes truly brings this outfit to life.

Arzu Kaprol

This dress looks like a revamped 1950's cocktail dress, though I can't say I really like the shoulder pads. The dress has a truly masculine influence, the dress,shoulder pads, and face mask having a hard almost military look but the overall shape of the dress and the ruffles in the waist area having a definitely feminine structure.

Arzu Kaprol

The main thing I like about this outfit is the fingerless gloves (so Chanel). The mask and hairstyle give the outfit a space-age theme, and overall I like it. It's an example of less being more.

Images From (has more pictures from Istanbul's Fashion Week for those interested):

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