23 June 2010

D is for Demode™

I love Fake Karl and his guide to life, and though I am writing this post, it is not giving just anyone permission to say this word. "Demode"....demode™ (there...that's much better) is Karl's catchphrase, and like Mr. T's "I pity the fool," it is for Karl's lips only. What exactly does it mean, you ask. Well, demode™ is used to describe things that Karl deems undesirable, and I am going to share with you some of my pet peeves.

You probably think that this is a weird thing to dislike, as they are so popular; however, I think it just gives people a reason to not wear pants.

Fake People
I don't have a picture for this one, and am not trying to put anyone down; however, I just wanted to say be yourself (i know it's cliched).

Overdone Plastic Surgery
The horror! Shield your eyes beloved reader's before Donatella's Medusa lips turn you into frogs!

Orange Fake Tans
I don't usually feature Oompa Loompas on this blog....oh wait, that's just Valentino.

If you are a Karl fan too, you can buy a Demode™ T-shirt from Karl's blog....just don't wear it with leggings.


  1. eeks....donatella is one scary lady

    valentinos tan is also a little freaky but if you watch the last emperior you would love him!

  2. When done right, leggings can work, but I do think that 98% of the time it's done wrong. ;)

    xo, carrie