04 June 2010

My Current Obsession: Fingerless Gloves

Seems like an odd obsession, no? But After seeing the pictures from Chanel's spring/summer show, I'm hooked. I noticed a model wearing fingerless gloves and instantly fell in love; moreover,when Karl Lagerfeld (for those of you who don't know who this is I will tell you now-this blog is not for you) made his appearance, my eyes went straight to their gloves. Karl's iconic gloves definitely complete his look, and I'll soon be looking for a pair to complete mine.

Model Dree Hemingway (I want the jacket as well)

Designer Karl Lagerfeld

Images from (and images from the rest of the show):



  1. Karl!! ♥ Indeed, fingerless gloves are awesome

  2. Ah, Karl is so good! I want everything Chanel, lol, but those gloves are especially nice!


  3. those are cool!

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